Body-Temperature Technology

Detecting Body-Temperature for Registered Users & Visitors

SpeedFace+ is a series of high-performance face, palm and fingerprint recognition readers that additionally detect body-temperature and the presence of a protective mask worn by both registered users and visitors. When any user is detected having unacceptable temperature, a snapshot can be taken, and audio/visual or e-mail alert can be generated.

Denying Registered Users and Visitors with Unacceptable Body-Temperature

In the reader settings, it can be enabled to deny access to registered users or visitors having unacceptable body-temperature. Customers can plan for the next course of action when a user gets denied (Ex: contacting reception desk or facilities manager).

Users can be identified up to 18 inches away.
How to Alert HR or Security Desk when Unacceptable Body-Temperature is Detected

With SpeedFace+ series readers, customers can program an alarm output that triggers an audio/visual alert (i.e. the red LED) which notifies
security personnel when unacceptable body temperature is detected. When using ZKBioSecurity management software, SpeedFace+ can also trigger an email notification sent to the system administrator so they can take appropriate action based on their company policy.

*ZKTeco USA recommends SpeedFace+ series readers to be placed in a climate-controlled environment.

Safeguard: Integrated Body-Temperature Detection and Visitor Management

Safeguard is a combination of the SpeedFace+ body-temperature detection reader with ZKTeco’s Visitor Authentication & Management System, ZKVAMS. It allows for visitors (with or without an appointment too) check-in and authenticates themselves with their QR code, face, or driver’s license.

Walk-Through Metal Detector with Body-Temperature Detection 

WMD318+ is an 18-zone Metal Detector with a body-temperature sensor that detects unacceptable body-temperature. It alerts users and security personnel so they can take appropriate action. Users simply position their forehead or wrist 6 inches from the body-temperature sensor for measurement.

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