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Can Access Control be Affordable?

Fairfield, NJ . . . July 2016,

All facilities have valuable equipment, information that can’t be disclosed or just need to keep people safe, and make access control is a top priority. The cost of a security breach can hurt a business badly and can often be difficult to recover from. However, many small businesses simply don’t have the means to protect themselves using expensive technology or solutions.

Luckily, access control doesn’t need to be. Today’s access control space includes a wide range of choices with similar features and functions at a lower cost. If a high-end solution isn’t needed, there’s no reason to break the bank that provides more than you need.

Security professionals need to take a holistic look at their needs before selecting an access control provider. In most cases, such as entering and leaving an office, having simple functionality is likely all that is required. Despite what you may hear, most hardware is the same across brands and are an array of switches.

Card access control systems that are simple and easy to use provide similar security to ones that offer more technology. Unless the security needs require setting different permissions, the quality difference is almost the same. Therefore, cost ends up being the only clear differentiator in today’s market.

Another factor to consider when choosing an access control provider is whether you’re paying for software as well or just hardware. Most access control companies will lump them together, which raises the price of the solution – even if that software is something you don’t need. An inexpensive solution will have a minimal software cost by putting it on a mini computer with pre-loaded software, saving time and money from an implementation perspective.

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