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Visitor Management Software

ZKVAMS Commercial

ZKTeco Visitor Authentication & Management Software (ZKVAMS) is the best way to ensure visitors are who they claim to be.  Government buildings often employee armed security guards who screen visitors upon entering the building.  The visitor typically informs the security guard the name of the government official they wish to see and subsequently display their “supposed” government issued driver’s license or passport.  Upon the security guard informing the government official the name of the visitor, in almost all cases the government official grants permission for the guard to allow entry to the visitor.  But how does a security guard know if the visitor FALSIFIED the identification card they presented and intend doing harm to the government official and/or building? Regardless, this is highly unlikely. Why take the unnecessary risk of allowing entry to a dangerous imposter to your facility when instead you can implement ZKVAMS?  Crooked imposters cannot fool ZKVAMS because all ZKVAMS registered visitors receive a secret QR code sent to their mobile device via text message sent by the government official who invited them.  Upon the visitor’s arrival, only those presenting a valid QR code to the security guard are permitted entry.  ZKVAMS is a cloud-based visitor management system which is easily managed from the convenience of your phone or any computer or tablet.   Implementing ZKVAMS gives government officials peace of mind knowing they can work without worrying about dangerous people gaining entry to their facility. 

Walk-Through Metal Detector


Walkthrough metal detectors are common at government buildings because they detect numerous concealed threats including guns and knives.  ZKTeco has a wide variety of walkthrough metal detectors (WMDs) to choose from.  Model WMD318 is fix-mounted and is designed with 18 overlapping detection zones while it automatically counts both people and alarms each time concealed metal is detected. You can choose to detect 33 zones with our Model WMD4033. Sound & LED alarms located on both sides of the unit clearly indicate precisely where metal is detected on the person.  WMD4033 detection sensitivity is adjustable in 0-300 increments to help more easily distinguish between dangerous metal objects and harmless objects including wristwatch, belts and coins.  It has a large 7-inch LCD screen so security guards can easily program it and count both people and alarms.  It also supports both TCP/IP and Wi-Fi communication so reports can be generated remotely.   Simple, affordable and effective metal detection to keep government officials, employees and citizens all safe.

WMD433 walk-through metal detector

XRAY Scanner

Blade 6040

ZKTeco x-ray package scanners are rising in popularity around the world, and NOT just in airports.  Shouldn’t we also expect the same level of safety upon entering a government building?  Exposure to a bomb while you’re flying at 30,000 feet has the same result as when you’re standing at ground level.  The reason why more government buildings don’t invest in x-ray package scanners is COST . . . or the PERCEPTION of cost.  However, the ZKTeco Blade 6040 X-Ray scanner is surprisingly affordable.  ZKX5030A identifies potential threats inside briefcases, carry-on baggage and small cargo parcels.   It combines HAMAMATSU detection and pseudo-color imaging technology which allows operators to identify potential threats faster and more accurately.  ZKX10080 also has an integrated biometric reader which requires the machine’s operator to authenticate themselves prior to the machine turning on.  This ensures both safety and accountability that all questionable items are scanned and reported to management.   X-ray inspection combined with metal detection exists in all airports to protect citizens.  It should be installed in government facilities to protect employees and citizens, as well.

Outdoor & Vandal Resistant Facial Recognition Reader


ZKTeco SpeedFace model SF1008-WP is an outdoor face recognition reader which provides advanced security, life safety, and the convenience of hands-free access control.  ADVANCED SECURITY is achieved because face recognition ensures only authorized personnel are permitted access to the government facility.  Conversely, the use of keys and cards is a huge risk because they can be easily shared (or copied) by unauthorized personnel.  SF1008-WP is also a beneficial LIFE SAFETY device.  Imagine when security staff has either a prisoner in tow or a riot within the facility breaks out.  Security staff needs their hands to be free so they can protect themselves and the public.  It’s very dangerous if the security guard needs to occupy their hands searching for door keys, access badge or remembering a PIN code to unlock a door.   With SF1008-WP, the security guard merely glances at the SF1008-WPs built-in camera in less than 0.5 seconds the entry door unlocks.  There’s also no greater CONVENIENCE than SF1008-WP hands-free door access because security guards and government officials never need to use their keys or cards to unlock a door.  ZKTeco Speedface model SF1008-WP is both weather resistant (IP68) and vandal resistance (IK04) and ideal for outdoor (or indoor) door access applications.  Enhance your building security and protect your employees and the public by offering them the safety & convenience of hands-free access control. 


Access Control Panels

Atlas Series

ZKTeco Atlas Series of Access Control panels offers advanced yet simple to use security features which can be managed remotely from the convenience of any computer, tablet or phone.   Remote control is especially useful during emergencies when a universal lockdown (and recovery) is deemed necessary.  Atlas is one of the security industry’s fastest, easiest and least expensive access control systems to learn, install and operate.  No computer is necessary because there is no software to install.  The access control application is embedded inside the Atlas panel, itself.   Atlas also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) so the panels can plug directly into your PoE switch for power (just as many surveillance cameras do today).  Atlas panels can support Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to spend time & money running additional network cables throughout the school.  Plus, Atlas provides the highest level of security because it supports multi-factor biometric authentication and Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).  Designed and engineered in the USA, Atlas is ideal for any government building in need of simple & affordable yet advanced security.