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Visitor Management Software

ZKVAMS Residential

ZKTeco Visitor Authentication & Management Software (ZKVAMS) is the best way to ensure place of worship members and visitors are precisely who they claim to be.  Some places of worship have volunteers who perform a visual inspection (i.e. the volunteer recognizes the member’s face) while others may use a self-serve kiosk badging system.  In either case, no one checks the supposed member’s or visitor’s identification.  And if the volunteer does ask to see their identification, the volunteer has no way of knowing whether the identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport) is valid.  Many places of worship also have learning centers for their members’ children.  Even if a visitor shows a valid ID card when picking up their child, how does the volunteer know if the visitor is the child’s legal guardian?  Worse yet, how does the volunteer know if the visitor isn’t a registered sex offender?  Why take the unnecessary risk of allowing entry to an illegal guardian or dangerous outsider to your place of worship when instead you can implement ZKVAMS?  Illegal guardians and malicious people cannot fool ZKVAMS because all ZKVAMS registered visitors receive a secret QR code sent to their mobile device via text message sent by the place of worship official who invited them.  Upon the visitor’s arrival, only visitors presenting a valid QR code to the volunteer (security guard) are permitted entry.  ZKVAMS is a cloud-based visitor management system which is easily managed from the convenience of your phone or any computer or tablet.   Implementing ZKVAMS gives place of worship members (and their children) peace of mind knowing they can worship & study without worrying about dangerous people gaining entry to their place of worship. 

Walk-Through Metal Detector


ZKTeco walk through metal detectors are rising in popularity around the world, and NOT just in airports.  Speaking of airports, would you board an airplane if one day the airport metal detectors weren’t working?  Of course not.  Metal detectors ensure passengers safety by preventing passengers to not bring any dangerous metal objects on to the plane.  But shouldn’t we also expect the same level of safety upon entering a place of worship?  Sadly, it’s becoming more common hearing stories in the news about public shootings in places of worship.  Walkthrough metal detectors are seen at places of worship because they detect numerous concealed threats including guns and knives.  ZKTeco has a wide variety of walkthrough metal detectors (WMDs) to choose from.  Portable model WMD433 is designed with 33 overlapping detection zones so it can quickly locate where the concealed metal is located.  Sound & LED alarms located on both sides of the unit clearly indicate precisely where metal is detected on the person, so the line of people moves quickly.  WMD4033 detection sensitivity is adjustable in 0-300 increments to help more easily distinguish between dangerous metal objects and harmless objects including wristwatch, belts and coins.  It has a large 7-inch LCD screen so the operator can easily program it and count both people and alarms.  It also supports both TCP/IP and Wi-Fi communication so reports can be generated remotely.   Simple, affordable and effective metal detection to keep place of worship volunteers and members all safe.

Access Control Panels

Atlas Series

ZKTeco Atlas Series of Access Control panels offer places of worship advanced yet simple to use features which can be managed remotely from any computer, tablet or phone.   Remote control is useful during emergencies when a universal lockdown (and recovery) is deemed necessary.  Atlas is one of the security industry’s fastest, easiest and least expensive access control systems for places of worship to learn and operate.  No computer is necessary because there is no software to install.  The access control application is embedded inside the Atlas panel, itself.   Atlas also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) so it can plug directly into your PoE switch for power (just as many surveillance cameras do today).  Atlas panels also support Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to spend time & money running network cables.  Atlas also provides the highest level of security because it supports multi-factor biometric authentication and Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).  Designed and engineered in the USA, Atlas is ideal for any place of worship in need of simple affordable yet advanced security. 

Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector


Our award-wining portable model PD-300 walk through metal detector is rising in popularity due to its compact size.  PD300 has a foldable design which allows places of worship to assemble & disassemble less than 5 minutes. With a 40-hour battery life, the PD300 has wheels, weighs less than 70 pounds, and can fit inside a small closet or the backseat of most passenger vehicles. Consider the mere appearance of walk through metal detectors serves as a tremendous deterrence for would be ill-doers.  Installing ZKTeco walk through metal detectors gives place of worship members and volunteers peace of mind knowing they can work, worship and study without worrying about dangerous people smuggling dangerous objects with the intention of causing harm.


Outdoor & Vandal Resistant Facial Recognition Reader


ZKTeco SpeedFace model SF1008-WP is an outdoor face recognition reader which provides advanced security, life safety, and the convenience of hands-free access control.  ADVANCED SECURITY is achieved because face recognition ensures only authorized personnel are permitted access to the place of worship and high-asset rooms containing expensive religious ornaments.  Conversely, the use of keys and cards is a huge risk because they can be easily shared (or copied) by unauthorized personnel.  SF1008-WP is a beneficial LIFE SAFETY device.  Imagine if an active shooter is approaching from outside the place of worship or already inside.  Quick acting volunteers and members can gain quick unencumbered access to safe rooms by simply looking into the camera of the SF1008-WP.  Now imagine the frantic place of worship volunteer or member trying to remember their pass code or fumbling through their pockets or bag for their access badge.  There’s also no greater CONVENIENCE than SF1008-WP hands-free door access because place of worship employees never has to use their credentials to unlock a door.  ZKTeco Speedface model SF1008-WP is both weather resistant (IP68) and vandal resistance (IK04) and ideal for outdoor (or indoor) door access applications.  Enhance your place of worship security and protect volunteers and members by offering them the safety & convenience of hands-free access control.