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Visitor Management Software


ZKVAMS EDU, an award-winning Visitor Management Software designed specifically for schools, and is a secure way to authenticate and manage visitors. Administrators can now say goodbye to the old clipboard system where visitors have the freedom of choosing their identity, they can also find comfort in blacklisting specific people in the student database to avoid custodial mistakes with student pickups therefore avoiding fines or even lawsuits. This cloud based software allows schools to log every visitor whether it be walk in or scheduled ahead of time that layers the authentication with a 1 to 1 QR code, a live captured photo, a 4 digit authentication key for users cell phones, and ID Scanning. This feature rich system is a great resource for schools to keep their school grounds secure.

Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector


Walkthrough metal detectors are quickly becoming common in schools because they detect numerous concealed threats including guns, knives and most recently, vape pens.  Sadly, threats to schools are on the rise.  Since 2017 there have been over 100 school shootings.  So many schools are now investing in both fix-mounted and portable walkthrough metal detectors, and ZKTeco offers a variety of walkthrough metal detectors (WMDs) to choose from.  Model WMD318 is fix-mounted and is designed with 18 overlapping detection zones while it automatically counts both people and alarms each time concealed metal is detected. WMD4033 has caster wheels so it can be easily rolled away after an inspection making it easy and portable. Portable model PD300 has an award-winning foldable design which allows customers to assemble & disassemble in less than 5 minutes.  The PD300 also has wheels and weighs less than 70 pounds.  It fits inside the backseat of most passenger vehicles and even has a 40-hour battery life so it can be wheeled out for outdoor events.   Schools should also realize that the mere appearance of walkthrough metal detectors on school grounds serves as a tremendous deterrence for anyone considering sneaking dangerous or illegal metal objects into the school.  Installing ZKTeco walkthrough metal detectors gives parents, students and faculty peace of mind knowing they can work and study without worrying about malicious people smuggling dangerous objects into the school with the intention of causing harm. 

Atlas100 Front

Access Control Panels

Atlas Series

ZKTeco Atlas Series of Access Control panels offer advanced yet simple to use security features which can be managed remotely from the convenience of any computer, tablet or phone.   Remote control is especially useful during emergencies when a universal lockdown (and recovery) is deemed necessary.  Atlas is one of the security industry’s fastest, easiest and least expensive access control systems to learn, install and operate.  No computer is necessary because there is no software to install.  The access control application is embedded inside the Atlas panel, itself.   Atlas also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) so the panels can plug directly into your PoE switch for power (just as many surveillance cameras do today).  Atlas panels also support Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to spend time & money running additional network cables throughout the school.  Atlas also provides the highest level of security because it supports multi-factor biometric authentication and Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).  Designed and engineered in the USA, Atlas is ideal for any schools in need of simple & affordable yet advanced security.  

Outdoor & Vandal Resistant Facial Recognition Reader


ZKTeco SpeedFace model SF1008-WP is an award-winning outdoor face recognition reader which provides advanced security, life safety, and the convenience of hands-free access control.  ADVANCED SECURITY is achieved because face recognition ensures only authorized personnel are permitted access to the school.  Conversely, the use of keys and cards is a huge security risk because they can be easily shared (or copied) by unauthorized personnel.  SF1008-WP is also a beneficial LIFE SAFETY device.  Imagine when school staff and students are conversating outside the school when suddenly without warning they recognize a physical threat (i.e. active shooter, predator, foul weather etc.) and need immediate access to an entry door to escape the threat.  Imagine the frantic teacher trying to remember their pass code or fumbling through their pockets or bag for their door access badge.  Conversely with SF1008-WP, the teacher merely glances at the SF1008-WPs built-in camera which in less than 0.5 seconds unlocks the door thereby separating the teacher and students from the threat.  There’s also no greater CONVENIENCE than the SF1008-WP hands-free door access feature because school faculty never need to use their keys or cards to unlock a door.  ZKTeco Speedface model SF1008-WP is both weather resistant (IP68) and vandal resistance (IK04) and ideal for outdoor (or indoor) door access applications.  Enhance your school security and protect your faculty & students by offering them the safety & convenience of hands-free access control.