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Access Control Panels

Pro Series

ZKTeco Pro Series of Access Control panels offer data centers’ security personnel advanced yet simple to use management features including remote control of doors, cages, elevators and even parking barriers.  Remote control is useful when security personnel are offsite when visitors or employees who’ve forgotten their keys or access badges need door entry.  In these cases, security personnel can remotely open the door, cage, elevator or gate from wherever they are through the convenience of their phone.  Pro Series panels can integrate with surveillance cameras to provided heightened security.  Whenever an authorized employee or visitor uses their registered card or fob to open the door/cage, a surveillance camera can be triggered to record the person entering the room (i.e. cage) and store the video recording in the Pro Series system.  This visual evidence is extremely beneficial when improprieties are discovered in the data center.  Whether access control readers are installed on the entrance doors or cages throughout the data center, a surveillance camera can be paired with it to capture everyone entering.  Just the presence of Pro Series readers and surveillance cameras provides employees, customers and visitors tremendous peace of mind. 

Outdoor & Vandal Resistant Facial Recognition Reader


ZKTeco SpeedFace model SF1008-WP is an outdoor face recognition reader which provides advanced security, life safety, and the convenience of hands-free access control.  ADVANCED SECURITY is achieved because face recognition ensures only authorized personnel are permitted access to the bank and high-asset rooms (i.e. bank vault).  The use of keys and cards is a huge risk because they can be easily shared (or copied) by unauthorized personnel.  SF1008-WP is a beneficial LIFE SAFETY device during emergencies (i.e. fire, flood, electric overload, etc.) when employees or visitors can gain quick unencumbered access to safe rooms by simply looking into the camera of the SF1008-WP.  Conversely, imagine frantic employees or visitors trying to remember their pass code or fumbling through their pockets or bag for their access badge.  There’s also no greater CONVENIENCE than SF1008-WP hands-free door access because employees or visitors will never have to use their credentials to unlock a door/cage.  ZKTeco Speedface model SF1008-WP is both weather resistant (IP68) and vandal resistance (IK04) and ideal for outdoor (or indoor) door access applications.  It’s also ideal for data center customers needing access to their cage outside normal business hours.  Enhance your data center security and protect your employees and customers by offering them the safety & convenience of hands-free access control.  

EC10 Elevator Control Panel

Elevator Control Panel


ZKTeco model EC10 is ideal for security data center cages.  EC10 panels and EX16 expansion boards provide data centers the most secure, scalable, versatile and affordable access control solution available today for elevators.  Data center cages can be restricted based on various user credentials including fingerprint, proximity card and/or password. Pre-defined time schedules can also be used to control cage access.   The EC10 panel can restrict access up to ten cages.  The EX16 expansion boards can restrict access up to an additional sixteen cages. Each EC10 panel can support up to three EX16 expansion boards. When combined a total of fifty-eight (58) cages can be controlled with a single EC10 and EX16 bundle.  Our powerful yet easy to use software makes the data center access control system very easy to manage.