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Visitor Management Software

ZKVAMS Commercial

ZKTeco Visitor Authentication & Management Software (ZKVAMS) is the best way to ensure employees’ and inmates’ visitors are precisely who they claim to be.  Corrections facilities employee armed security guards who screen visitors upon entering the building.  The visitor typically informs the security guard the name of the employee or inmate they wish to see and subsequently display their “supposed” government issued driver’s license or passport to the security guard.  Upon the security guard informing their supervisor and inmate the name of the visitor, usually the supervisor and inmate grant permission for the guard to allow entry to the visitor.  But how does a security guard know if the visitor FALSIFIED the identification card the visitor presented and intend doing harm to the facility or inmate??  Regardless, it is highly unlikely. Why take the unnecessary risk of allowing entry to a dangerous imposter to your facility when instead you can implement ZKVAMS?  Crooked imposters cannot fool ZKVAMS because all ZKVAMS registered visitors receive a secret QR code sent to their mobile device via text message sent by the employee who invited them.  Upon the visitor’s arrival, only visitors presenting a valid QR code to the security guard are permitted entry.  ZKVAMS is a cloud-based visitor management system which is easily managed from the convenience of your phone or any computer or tablet.   Implementing ZKVAMS gives corrections officers and supervisors (and inmates) peace of mind knowing they’re safe without worrying about dangerous people gaining entry to the facility. 

Access Control Panels

Pro Series

ZKTeco Pro Series of Access Control panels offer corrections facilities’ security personnel advanced yet simple to use management features including remote control of doors, elevators, and even parking barriers.  Remote control is especially useful when security personnel are offsite when visitors, contractors & delivery trucks need unscheduled access.  In these cases, security personnel can remotely open the door, elevator or gate from wherever they are from the convenience of their phone or tablet.  Pro Series panels also integrates with surveillance cameras to provided heightened security.  Whenever an authorized employee or visitor uses their registered card or fob to open the door, Pro Series panels can trigger a surveillance camera to begin recording the person entering the room and simultaneously store the related video recording in the Pro Series system.  This visual evidence is extremely beneficial when improprieties are discovered in the corrections facility.  Whether access control readers are installed on the entrance doors or elevators throughout the corrections facility, a surveillance camera can be paired with it to capture everyone entering.  Just the mere presence of Pro Series RFID & biometric readers and surveillance cameras provides employees, visitors (and inmates) tremendous peace of mind while either working or being detained. 


Outdoor & Vandal Resistant Facial Recognition Reader


ZKTeco SpeedFace model SF1008-WP is an outdoor face recognition reader which provides corrections facilities advanced security, life safety, and the convenience of hands-free access control.  ADVANCED SECURITY is achieved because face recognition ensures only authorized personnel are permitted access to the facility.  Conversely, the use of keys and cards is a huge risk because they can be easily shared (or copied) by unauthorized personnel.  SF1008-WP is also a beneficial LIFE SAFETY device.  Imagine when a corrections officer has either a prisoner in tow or a riot within the facility breaks out.  Security staff needs their hands to be free so they can protect themselves and the public.  It’s very dangerous if the corrections officer needs to occupy their hands searching for door keys, access badge or remembering a PIN code to unlock a door.   With SF1008-WP, the corrections officer merely glances at the SF1008-WPs built-in camera in less than 0.5 seconds the entry door unlocks.  There’s no greater CONVENIENCE than SF1008-WP hands-free door access because corrections officers and other employees never need to use their keys or cards to unlock a door.  ZKTeco Speedface model SF1008-WP is both weather resistant (IP68) and vandal resistance (IK04) and ideal for outdoor (or indoor) door access applications.  Enhance your facility’s security and protect your employees and the public by offering them the safety & convenience of hands-free access control.