Facial Recognition Kiosk

Facial Recognition Kiosk

FK1043 is a elegant 6-foot tall free-standing “Smart” Kiosk with the unique ability to recognize multiple faces from up to 20 feet away.

This stylish-looking kiosk is ideal for business owners needing to quickly and accurately identify large numbers of employees and/or customers entering their premise. FK1043 can simultaneously recognize up to 5 people standing from up to 20 feet away! Ideal applications include; Employee Time & Attendance, Retail VIP Customer Recognition & Alerting, Identify black-listed people to protect Schools & Casinos, Visitor & Patient Management, Sports & Concert Venue Ticket-Collection and more. FK1043 has a large 43-inch display which makes user-navigation very easy & comfortable while also providing ample space to run promotional videos or 3rd party paid advertisements as a source of additional revenue. No need for external cameras nor computers. Instead, FK1043 utilizes its own embedded camera and powerful self-learning facial recognition engine. FK1043 can store & match up to 5,000 faces and is available in multiple languages.

  • Stores up to 5,000 faces
  • Simultaneous recognition for 3-5 faces
  • Read Range up to 20 feet
  • Large 43 inch touchscreen display
  • Multi-Language support
  • Video/Advertising player
  • Supports TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and USB Host
  • Distinguishes between “live” faces vs. photos
Effective Response Area
37 in (V) x 21 in (H)
Face Capacity
User Capacity
TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and USB
Aspect Ratio
Operating System
Andriod 7.1.2


DDR3 4GBQty.1: 1 FORM-C relay output-SPDT 5A@12V DC



2.0 GHZ


Power Supply

110 AC, 240V

Operating Temp


Operating Humidity
10% to 98%
70 in(H) x 24 in (W) x 1 in(D)
Gross Weight
105 lbs


Data Sheet