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ZKBioPack Software for RS2 & Schneider Electric customers




ZKBioPack software makes adding biometric readers to either Schneider-Electric’s Continuum  OR RS2 Access It! access control software fast and easy.

  • Simple – ZKBioPack launches from INSIDE the Continuum and Access It! user interface.
  • Flexible – Supports different type ZKAccess readers (download supported readers datasheet below).
  • Scalable – No limit on number of readers supported.
  • Saves time. Installation & setup is fast and simple.
  • Saves money. ZKBioPack is very inexpensive.
  • Secure – Use of Biometric readers ensures people requesting door access are who they say they are whereas ID badges can be misappropriated.
  • ZKBioPack communicates directly with Continuum & Access It! while downloading user data and subsequently uploading that user data to the biometric readers.
  • ZKBioPack synchronizes all relevant user data and biometric credentials amongst the biometric readers over the IP backbone.
  • ZKBioPack allows users to manage all the biometric readers from the Continuum and Access It! interface.
  • Choice of ZKAccess Biometric Readers: F18-ID, TF1700 and TF1600 (fingerprint), ProBio-ID (face + fingerprint) and inPulse+ (finger-vein + fingerprint readers



Technical Specifications


Devices 100
Users 30,000

Supported Architecture

Database PostgreSQL
Operating System Windows 7/8/10/Server 2008 (32/64)

PC Requirements

Monitor Resolution1024 x 768 or Above

CPU Pentium Dual-Core Processor or Above
Storage 10 GB Free Space (NTFS Recommended)


Data Sheet ZKBioPack for Schneider Continuum Users Download
Data Sheet ZKBioPack for RS2 Access It! Download
Datasheet ZKBioPack Supported Readers Download


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