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PD-300 Portable Walk Through Metal Detector




• Easy to install, portable, Assemble/Disassemble in 5 minutes
• Automatically identifies and provides 3 independent zones of detection
• Made from strong impact-resistance material of ABS
• Built in super bright LED indicators
• Automatic self-diagnostics and self-balancing environment
• Automatic passenger and alarm counting
• Completely safe to operate and walk through. Harmless to heart pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc.
• Duel built in batteries to last up to 20 hours
• LCD indicating parameters. 300 sensitivity levels


Power Supply 85-264V AC
Working Temperature -4 F to 158 F (-20° to +70°)
Working Frequency 4-8 kHz
External size 88(H) x 46(W) x 32(D) inches (2240(H) x 1180(W) x 810(D) millimeters)
Internal size 83(H) x 28(W) x 32(D) inches (2120(H) x 790(W) x 810(D) millimeters)
Package size 28(H) x 27(W) x 42(D) inches (705(H) x 675(W) x 1065(D) millimeters) stored in one package
Gross weight 123 lbs (56 kg)


PD-300 Datasheet Download


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