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OP-200 (only works with Lenel & AMAG panels)


OP200 is a next-generation fingerprint reader designed specifically for both Lenel and AMAG customers.

OP200 is the industry’s first and only biometric reader which integrates directly with either OnGuard or Symmetry software databases without needing any middleware.

No middleware means no costly license to purchase nor time-consuming downloads & configurations.

OP200 delivers pure direct hardware integration.  OP200 automatically synchronizes with OnGuard or Symmetry and all the OP200 biometric readers on the network.

Simply put, OP200 is the fastest, easiest, least costly way for Lenel and AMAG customers to add biometric readers to their buildings’ access points.

OP200 Installation is fast & simple and very similar to installing any simple keypad reader.

First provide 12V power and network cables near  the OP200 Master and slave reader wall mounts.  Then connect power and network cable to OP200 Master reader and slave readers. Make note of OP200 Master reader’s IP address. Configure slave readers with OP200 Master’s IP address.  Then install OP200 driver on computer running OnGuard or Symmtery and enter IP address of OP200 Master reader.  Upon handshake, OnGuard or Symmetry user-data automatically synchronizes with OP200 Master. After synchronization, enroll fingerprints either directly on OP200 Master reader or on SilkID fingerprint enrollment reader (connected to computer running OnGuard or Symmtery).

This completes the installation.  OP200 Master reader will automatically synchronize user data and fingerprint templates amongst OP200 slave readers whenever changes occur.

OP200 Operation is simple and fairly seamless to the enduser

Once user-data is automatically synchronized between OnGuard or Symmetry and OP200 Master reader, OP200 slave fingerprint readers are now ready for operation.

When users authenticate to an OP200 slave reader with their credential (i.e. their fingerprint, card and/or password) at the door, the OP200 slave reader will query its embedded database for a credential-match.

Upon positive match the OP200 slave reader will transmit the user ID to the Lenel or AMAG panel via Wiegand.

If the panel determines that the user has appropriate access rights, the panel will unlock the door, accordingly

Note any subsequent change in users (from OnGuard or Symmetry) or fingerprint templates (on OP200 Master) are automatically synchronized with OP200 slave readers on the network.


OnGuard and Symmetry Integration:
OP200 firmware communicates directly with OnGuard or Symmetry and automatically synchronizes needed customer user data. Eliminates need for middleware.
Eliminates need to manually create users in the biometric readers.

Biometric Performance:
Advanced SilkID fingerprint recognition technology delivers optimal accuracy, matching speed and powerful fake finger detection.

Auto Data Synchronization:
Multiple OP200s automatically synchronize fingerprint templates. Eliminates need for middleware.
Eliminates need to separately manage templates

Wiegand-Out to Lenel and Amag access control panel
TCP/IP and RS485 data communication
USB for offline data management

Authentication Options ((single or multi-factor)
RFID (HID, Mifare, Desfire)

3,000 Fingerprint templates
30,000 cards
100,000 transactions



Fingerprint 3,000
Transactions 100,000


Color 2.4″ TFT LCD display


Current Draw 12V DC, 1 Amp


Height 7 3/4″ (195.5 mm)
Width 3 1/2” (87 mm)
Depth 1 1/2” (35 mm)

Optional Function

Card ID
Card Mifare


Communication RS485
Communication TCP/IP
Communication USB-Host

Wiegand Signal

Signal Output


Operating Temperature 22 F ~ 122 F (-10 C ~ 50 C)
Operating Humidity 20% to 80%


Dimensions 12” x 9” x 4”
Weight 3 lbs (48 ozs.)

Wiring Diagram