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      • FHT2300 is a full height turnstile series designed
      • to provide the utmost perimeter security.
      • The possibility of tailgating and “hop-overs” is
      • completely eliminated.
      • Besides securing door entrances and interior lobbies,
      • the perimeter security of a building is an important
      • extra layer of protection from unauthorized visitors.
      • FHT2300 is an all metal full height turnstile that is
      • extremely durable & secure and is suitable for outside
      • use. Its rugged construction ensures trouble free and
      • dependable operation.
      • FHT2300 metal barriers are normally held in a locked
      • position, thus denying passage to the secured side.
      • Upon FHT2300’s reader (RFID and/or biometric)
      • positively recognizing a user’s valid access card
      • or biometric credential, its barriers unlock
      • automatically, thus allowing users passage
      • to the secured side.
      • During emergencies and power outages the barriers
      • automatically unlock, thereby ensuring users FAST
      • unencumbered exit to safety.
      • FHT2300 provides both security and convenience,
      • all in a very durable yet clean design.


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