Prison System


The 2nd largest privately held corrections facility in the United States had a need to prevent prisoners in proximity from each other getting infected by COVID-19.  The client manages more than 65 state and federal correctional and detention facilities with a capacity of more than 90,000 beds in 19 states.  The client had tested numerous thermal camera solutions designed to detect elevated body temperature, but the client remained dissatisfied with everything they had tested.


Infectious diseases like tuberculosisinfluenza, and COVID-19 spread rapidly in confinement. For this reason, correctional facilities are fast becoming an epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, the New York Times reported that Cook County jail was “now the nation’s largest-known source of coronavirus infections.” After far too much lost time, some governors and criminal justice officials are finally trying to mitigate the damage by releasing inmates or transferring them to home confinement  The client needed a way to protect the health of their inmates instead of dangerously releasing them into the public prematurely before they served time for their respective crimes


Working closely with the client’s trusted integration partner RealTime Networks (RTN), the client agreed to test ZKTeco’s ProFace X [TD].  The model is rebranded in the USA as SpeedFace SF1008+. RTN is a 20-year old technology company specializing in the design and delivery of physical security and time management solutions. Their clients include CoreCivic, Syracuse University, Fulton County Sheriff, and thousands more in retail, healthcare, law enforcement, and many other industries.  RTN had tested many different body temperature detection products and chose ZKTeco SF1008+ as their recommended solution. RTN has begun now installing SF1008+ at several corrections facilities.  The devices are connected to LEDs so that the guards can be alerted whenever a prisoner is detected having an elevated body temperature.   The prisoner can then be quarantined from the rest of the prisoner population and receive proper medical attention


The client is completely satisfied with SF1008+ face matching speed and body temperature detection accuracy.  After the units are fully deployed at their corrections facilities, RTN intends on implementing SF1008+ to its thousands of other clients.

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