Fast Food


A multi-billion dollar international hamburger & fries fast-food restaurant chain based in the USA had a need to create a safe work environment so that employees would feel comfortable returning to work amidst workers’ concerns being infected by co-workers carrying the Coronavirus.  The client had tested numerous thermal camera solutions designed to detect elevated body temperature, but the client remained dissatisfied with everything they had tested.


The biggest challenge was how to ensure the client’s employees that the client’s workplace was indeed safe and that it was unlikely anyone inside was sick.  It would be far too expensive and intrusive to employ medical doctors to subject each of the client’s thousands of employees to a Coronavirus test.  It would also be too expensive to contract a security service firm to carry client-issued thermometers and scan every employee entering the workplace.


Working closely with the client’s trusted integration partner Wachter, the client agreed to test ZKTeco’s ProFace X [TD].  The model is rebranded in the USA as SpeedFace SF1008+.  Wachter is a 90-year old leading solution & service integrator of electrical, data communications, security, and industrial automation and controls. They operate from a dozen regional offices throughout the U.S.  Wachter holds over 1000 licenses at state, city, and county levels, for electrical, low voltage, video surveillance, access control, and other technologies.  Wachter had tested many different body temperature detection products and chose ZKTeco SF1008+ as their recommended solution. Wachter has begun now installing SF1008+ at the client’s headquarters.  The devices are connected to LEDs so that the employees and nearby attendants can be alerted whenever an employee is detected having an elevated body temperature.


The client is completely satisfied with SF1008+ face matching speed and body temperature detection accuracy.  After the units are fully deployed at headquarters, the client intends on implementing SF1008+ in its more than 25,000 restaurants.

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