Humility: We work with humility because we have a common goal to fulfill our customers wants and needs. We are mindful of how our diverse culture can bring a variety of opinions and experience to help lead us to an ideal solution.


Altruism: Our company goes beyond business standards by contributing to our local and global communities. The individuals that stand behind ZKTeco USA aspire to make the impact of our business bigger than just our product.


Proactive: The essence of being proactive is addressing problems beforehand through preventative means: staying one step ahead of the curve, so you are better prepared for what lurks around the corner. ZKTeco USA proactively takes the time to always assess the situation holistically to find the most effective sustainable solution.

Product-Drive: Product-driven companies are free to do what they do best: innovate. Our business is to develop high-quality products and solutions which are designed by the most qualified individuals in the industry.


Integrity: We act with transparency and openness to have a strong foundation of integrity. ZKTeco USA believes in letting integrity be our guiding principle for doing the right thing because we want to, not because we have to.