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Why ZKTeco?

ZKTeco USA is a subsidiary of ZKTeco, a 20-year old globally renowned enterprise with its core competency in biometric verification.  ZKTeco primarily focuses on three industries including Biometric Verification, Access Control and Smart Entrance Control Systems which identify Persons, Vehicles and Objects of Interest, and Smart Office solutions.  ZKTeco’s comprehensive solutions address the needs of Enterprise customers, Small Medium Business (SMB) customers and even individual consumers.


ZKTeco employs more than 3,500 workers including 1,000 R&D engineers.  ZKTeco serves the needs of its worldwide customers located in over 100 countries through its network of 90 ZKTeco global subsidiaries, including ZKTeco USA based in Atlanta, Georgia.  ZKTeco also operates over a dozen R&D centers from around the world principally located in Silicon Valley (USA), Europe, India, and China.


Biometric Verification

ZKTeco is a 20-year old globally renowned provider of biometric verification algorithm techniques, sensors and software platforms.  ZKTeco owns several dozen patents related to numerous biometric modalities including fingerprint, face, palm and finger-vein pattern recognition.  Other patents are related to identifying x-ray scanned objects and computer vision learning & video analytic techniques for recognizing & distinguishing human faces and physical behavior. ZKTeco also uniquely combines and incorporates numerous different biometric modalities into a single standalone device.  As such, ZKTeco has been a leading pioneer in the field of hybrid biometric technology which ensures any user can be biometrically authenticated by a ZKTeco device.  This capability appeals to all vertical industries and their respective suppliers and system integrators.


Smart Access Control & Entrance Control Systems

ZKTeco has designed one of the security industry’s most comprehensive entrance control product lines which consists primarily of Door Access Systems, Turnstiles, Walkthrough Metal Detectors and Visitor Management Software.  Additionally, ZKTeco has earned associated patents and software copyrights in the field of smart entrance & exit control systems based upon vehicular, personnel and object recognition.  ZKTeco adds “intelligence” to our access control and entrance control systems by additionally integrating hybrid biometric verification computer vision learning techniques which also incorporates the Internet, IoT, big data and cloud computing. This capability appeals to numerous industries including smart traffic, smart finance, smart education, smart medicine, smart government and all their respective suppliers and system integrators.



Smart Office solutions

By developing both in-house applications and working with award-winning software partners, ZKTeco has built a Smart Office platform.  The platform begins with biometric authentication hardware also capable of detecting elevated body temperature and the presence of a face mask.  The platform also consists of easy to use SDKs and APIs necessary for 3rd party software application providers to interface ZKTeco hardware.  The platform can support numerous smart office applications including but not limited to access control, visitor management, time & attendance, event management, membership registration & billing, and many more.

With years of experience in the industrialization of biometric verifications, ZKTeco was officially established in 2007 and since then it has been a world leader in biometric verification that holds several patents and has been selected as a National High Technology Company for 6 consecutive years.

Currently, ZKTeco has 3,500 employees worldwide, of which 1,000 belong to the Research and Development area. The U.S. headquarters have been established in Alpharetta, Georgia with a 30,000 square foot building with a large warehouse & limited manufacturing. 

ZKTeco has several research, development, design and innovation centers in Silicon Valley, Europe, South Korea, and more. ZKTeco strives to integrate biometric verification techniques, including fingerprints, facial recognition, finger veins and iris as well as developments with the internet of things, big data and cloud storage.  This next generation technology allows us to offer solutions and comprehensive services for the security industry, education, medicine, construction, hospitality and much more!

Company Culture

At ZKTeco, we value Humility, Altruism, Proactive, Product-Driven, & Integrity.

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At ZKTeco our hardworking & dedicated employees are our family.

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What is our mission?

ZKTeco’s mission is to create a more safe and secure world by providing quality, comprehensive, flexible and affordable security solutions. ZKTeco is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of security and time management solutions. We are synonymous with technical innovation, quality services, speed-to-market, and reliability. Our broad global coverage and deep market knowledge allows us to provide a consistent supply of our products and solutions at excellent value.

What do we do?

Facial Data Analysis Solutions

At ZKTeco we offer solutions for the analysis and management of personnel data for use in the intelligent commerce and intelligent security industry. In the commerce industry, data analysis and management applies to commercial and real estate premises, including retail store chains, shopping centers and business rooms, etc., analyzing gender, visitor flow, age, customer repetition rate and attention rate, etc. For the security field, we will offer assistance management, blacklist alarm, access control, gray list analysis and alarm functions for the personal security of the company.

Biometric Verification Solutions

We offer hybrid biometric verification algorithms, technical chips, templates, middleware, industrial solutions and cloud verification platforms, based on independent intellectual property rights.

RFID Solutions

It is based on RFID techniques and Internet of Things we create solutions that face population management, logistics, finance, security, etc.

Inspection and Anti-Terrorism Solutions

We offer integrated public safety and anti-terrorism inspection solutions for passenger entry, vehicle entry and cargo inspection, based on hybrid biometric verification techniques, Internet of Things and mechanization techniques

Smart Lock Solutions

We offer facial recognition and hybrid verification technology for smart lock products. Convenient hands-free entry while providing an extra layer of security.

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