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Leverage Solid Solutions for Cruise Ship Security

In our last blog post, we talked about the various security challenges that cruise ships face. We discussed the many ways that biometrics and analytical solutions can enhance the cruise experience for passengers while simultaneously meeting the level of heightened security that cruise ship companies crave.

In this blog, we take a deeper dive into the specific cruise ship Entrance Control & Inspection solutions that ZKTeco offers. Armed with this information, you, our integrator partners, can provide your cruise ship clients with the most innovative measures they need to secure their ships and the safeguard their passengers.

Our Pro-Bio ID face and fingerprint reader access control terminal combines advanced Silk ID and face technology. The result? A super high identification rate that delivers superior security with live finger detection. It’s an ideal solution for safely, conveniently and quickly welcoming ticketed passengers on board. And, perfect for cruise ship operators who are taking their guests to sunny ports of call, it operates perfectly operate under strong light conditions! Utilizing ZKTeco’s latest ZKFACE version 7.0 high-speed face recognition algorithm, the Pro-Bio ID solution boasts a high verification speed and low error rate, in addition to being able to effectively prevent duplicated registration.

To enhance cabin security and assure passengers that their belongings and safety are assured, our ZM100 smart lock with face and fingerprint biometric recognition technology provides optimum security. And your cruise ship clients will be happy to hear that the ZM-100 features a reversible design to fit for all door open direction and runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, saving them time and money.

For a safe and secure onboarding experience, ZKTeco’s X-Ray inspection solutions make for smooth – and safe – sailing. Our latest X-ray inspection system – the ZKX Series – comes complete with outstanding features, ensuring that nothing suspicious or potentially dangerous is being brought on board. The device is designed to scan briefcases, carry-on baggage, and small cargo parcels.

Our convenient, walk-through metal detector technology will further enhance the onboarding as well as the on–cruise-ship experience for guests. Admittance to secure areas of the ship is reserved only for authorized users, and ship personnel and guests alike will appreciate the peace of mind our metal detector technology solutions provide.

Ideal for public space locations, such as those areas on cruise ships like dining areas, casinos, and theaters/entertainment areas, our metal detector offerings enhance safety and detect hidden metal weapons including guns and knives. Our HMD100 handheld metal detector is lightweight and portable, and can ensure that anyone entering the ship upon boarding and re-entering after an excursion at ports of call is not a threat.

ZKTeco offers a vast wide range of products and solutions to meet the needs of your cruise line customers. As we emphasized in our last blog post, cruise lines that lead the way in implementing these innovative security technologies provide priceless peace of mind to their guests. The ROI is not only a safer, more secure ship but happy customers likely to book another cruise with them!