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Top 5 Reasons Walk Through Metal Detectors are Used in Schools

Although once considered a safe haven, sadly schools today have become a primary target for terrorists and the mentally deranged.  Some debatable reasons contributing to the recent rise in school shootings include A) television and social media providing sought-after fame for the assailants and/or their “cause”, B) easier public access to assault weapons, C) schools have large populations of people enclosed in small spaces, D) school personnel are typically unarmed (although there’s proposed legislation to allow teachers to carry handguns in school).

Regardless the reason for the rise in school shootings, the reality is this is the new “norm” we live in and that something needs to be done to address it.  So here are 5 reasons schools today are installing metal detectors:

1) LAYERING SECURITY improves life safety

Security experts agree that the most effective form of security is layered security. Including metal detectors in a school’s security plan adds another layer, and a very effective one, at that.

2) DETERRANCE for outsiders

Utilizing metal detectors at a school’s main entrance sends a clear message that security is taken seriously and serves as a serious warning to anyone thinking about attacking the school.


A screening system such as a metal detector make students themselves aware that they risk getting suspended, expelled and/or investigated by law enforcement if they’re caught bringing weapons into school.

4) MOBILITY – Security where and when you want it

Walkthrough metal detectors from ZKTeco are available in both wheeled and fold-up collapsible models which make them very easy to transport from one event to another.


According to National School Safety and Security Services, metal detectors may be a necessary tool in school districts with a history of chronic weapons issues and related violence such as shootings.

ZKTeco offers several metal detectors:

WMD118 walk-through metal detector

WMD318 walk-through metal detector

WMD433 walk-through metal detector

PD-300 Portable walk-through Metal Detector

HMD100 handheld metal detector

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