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Mitigate Vulnerabilities with an Innovative Visitor Management System

As security professionals, dealers and integrators work hard to secure their end user’s premises. Video surveillance ranks high on the list in safeguarding people and property, and specifying the right system to suit a customer’s specific needs is key to a successful install. While being able to ‘go to the videotape’ after an incident has occurred is often a useful capability, not to be overlooked is the importance of managing visitors before an incident occurs.

Having a Visitor Management System in place to allow or deny access can help mitigate any vulnerabilities in an existing security system. The features and benefits of ZKTeco’s Visitor Authentication and Management System (VAMS®) Hi Secure solution can close up any potential gaps and ensure that visitors who enter a premise are authorized and cleared to do so.

VAMS consists of host and visitor mobile APPs, tablet, kiosk & mobile and registration APPs.  Included in the APPs is a security and real-time dashboard and monitoring module. Biometric visitor registration for first time visitors is also included. VAMS is a Web-based, two factor authentication solution that secures premises from fraudulent visitors while also securely compiling visitor data.

End users will love VAMS, because it’s easily accessible from any PC, tablet or mobile device and allows both the host and/or visitor to arrange a meeting.It’s an easy process.

To provide the needed clearance to allow the visitor entry, visitors can access VAMS® Hi Secure and input their personal information along with the meeting’s specifics. Once this information is uploaded, the intended host receives an electronic approval request. They simply approve the meeting request and the visitor then receives an in-application notification, e-mail or SMS confirmation including a QR code containing the relevant visit details. 

The host can also enter the visitor’s details on the mobile or Web application, and they’ll receive an in APP notification,email or SMS with the QR code containing the visit details

When the visitor arrives on the premises, they display their QR code on their phone and are allowed access to the host’s meeting location. VAMS will also track the visitor and know they’ve left the premises.

VAMS is an ideal addition to any security system and will keep a trusted eye on who is coming and going from your end user’s facility. Key features include Web-Based Administration and Monitoring Software; Simple Structure and Smooth Workflow; Multiple Language Options; Fast and Consistent Communication; Customizable Visitor Entry Forms; Facial Recognition Technology; Real-Time Analytics Dashboard; Sync with Access Control Systems; Alarms and Events Email Notifications; System Log Monitoring System; and, Standard, Advanced, and High Secure Options.

ZKTeco is here to assist in all your access control needs. To learn more about our visitor management solutions and access the VAMS data sheet, please click here.