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What does AI mean for the Physical Security Industry?

Biometric facial recognition software powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining a lot of traction as a trusted, yet convenient, security measure. With biometrics and AI embedded into security technology, users are empowered to elevate the level of their access control security. Working in conjunction with IP cameras, facial recognition software identifies and matches faces with those enrolled as authorized users in a facility’s database.

Non-invasive and contactless, facial recognition is an attractive added layer of security that’s being adopted across many industries. Schools, hospitals, corporations and financial institutions are just some of the sectors employing biometric facial recognition technologies to safeguard their people and property.

This technology is capable of verifying a person’s identity from a digital image or video frame, and is actually quite simple to adopt. Facial recognition, a hands-free reader solution, is also viewed by many to be more user-friendly than fingerprint or finger-vein readers, which require physical contact. For facilities needing to restrict door access to staff, students, or frequent authorized users, a face reader provides an additional, and inexpensive, layer of security to an existing access control system. ZKTeco offers many facial recognition solutions to meet that need.

For facilities that wish to implement both facial recognition and fingerprint access control, ZKTeco’s ProBio ID is an ideal solution; it’s the first access control terminal to apply the most advanced Silk ID and face technology together. Silk ID not only has a very high identification rate towards dry, wet, and rough fingers, but also provides the utmost security with live finger detection. It’s able to operate under strong light, and activates automatically when a finger approaches, which saves power.

ProBio ID uses ZKTeco’s ZKFACE version 7.0 high-speed face recognition algorithm. It delivers an extremely high verification speed and low error rate, and is able to effectively prevent duplicated registration. In addition, the ZMM 220 hardware platform has a clock rate of 1.2 GHZ, greatly enhancing the speed of fingerprint and face verification.

ZKTeco can provide all the support and technologies you need to meet the growing demand for facial recognition security solutions.


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