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Security for Hospitals should span from Parking Lot to Visitor Desk

ZKTeco’s Prescription for Enhancing Security in Healthcare

While every facility has its own specific security challenges to overcome, few are exposed to the amount & variety of security challenges than which healthcare facilities need to deal with. For instance, operating 24 hours around the clock every day and required to be accessible to the entire public, a whole lot of people come and go through hospital doors every day. The potential security threats which hospitals are susceptible to are as diverse as the people entering them (i.e. staff, patients & visitors, vendors, contractors, etc.).

There are many ongoing concerns keeping hospital security directors awake at night.  Some of them include:

  • Parking garage and parking lot security
  • Segregating and prioritizing vehicle access for medical staff, administrative staff, patients and their visitors . . . many having different access authorizations & priority
  • Emergency Room safety
  • Managing patient behavioral/ psychiatric issues which could negatively impact facility operations and worse, jeopardize the safety of staff, patients and visitors
  • Securing infant nurseries and pediatric wards
  • Theft prevention
  • Controlling access to pharmaceuticals
  • Data breaches and guarding privacy-protected health information (i.e. HIPAA)

To adequately address all the above-mentioned security vulnerabilities which potentially threaten a healthcare facility, a multi-layered security strategy needs to be implemented.  ZKTeco can help.

Our “multi-layered” security solutions designed to secure hospitals span numerous different technologies and applications. Among them include – LPR (license plate recognition) and Long Range reader technology designed to restrict & segregate vehicles entering the parking lot, visitor & authentication management systems to ensure only authorized visitors are permitted to enter the hospital, facial recognition technology which addresses the vulnerabilities of traditional metal lock ‘n key and card access systems, walk-through metal detectors which prevent concealed metal objects from entering the hospital, turnstiles which prevent unauthorized personnel from piggybacking into the hospital, as well as, a variety of traditional and cutting-edge electronic door access control solutions.

In our October blog series, we’ll take a closer look at these numerous technologies and applicable solutions available from ZKTeco when considering implementing a “layered” security strategy for healthcare facilities.