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Why Schools Need a Security Solution That Never Forgets a Face

In our September series of blog posts, we’re taking a deep dive into the protective measures schools can put in place to better secure their students, faculty and visitors. School security directors and decision makers are looking more and more to advanced hybrid-biometric security solutions to better safeguard their schools.

ZKTeco’s “multi-layered” approach to school security encompasses visitor management technologies, facial recognition, walk-through metal detectors, turnstiles, and door access control solutions. As referenced in our September 10th blog, these can operate either stand-alone or be integrated into a highly-secure multi-layered security umbrella. Here, we take a closer look at why facial recognition technology delivers the most secure & cost-effective means of safely monitoring a school’s numerous points of entry.

Integrators working in the school safety sector will want to acquaint their end users with the basics – and benefits – of FACIAL RECOGNITION 101: As with all biometric solutions, face recognition technology converts facial images into a binary computer template, stores the template in a database and subsequently matches an individual’s “live” face with their stored template in the database.

Prior to facial recognition, there was (and still is) fingerprint recognition. While fingerprint recognition is still the world’s most popular biometric technology, it does have some limitations. Not everyone’s fingerprint can necessarily be recognized (if they have cuts, scrapes, or other skin imperfections obscuring their fingerprint). Fingerprint recognition also requires users to physically enroll their fingerprint(s) by walking to an enrollment station and placing their finger on a scanner. This process may be inconvenient for the user if it interrupts their daily routine. Conversely, facial recognition isn’t affected by facial skin imperfections and users’ photos can be easily uploaded to the database from an ordinary smartphone or computer. The facial recognition enrollment process is quite simple & convenient.

Facial recognition allows school security personnel to easily account for the whereabouts of all their school faculty & students. This is especially important during emergencies (i.e. fire, flood, active shooter, etc.) as well as, accounting for their time & attendance at work and in the classroom. Facial recognition is also a great way to alert school security personnel when menacing black-listed individuals have entered the school.

VAMS, our Visitor Authentication & Management software, is an ideal solution to specify for your school security clients – it authenticates visitors quickly and effectively. VAMS is unique in that it requires visitors to display a secret QR code issued to the visitor by the school before the visitor is permitted inside the school. VAMS combines “authentication” with visitor management.

Check out these features:

  • Web-Based Administration and Monitoring Software
  • Simple Structure and Smooth Workflow
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Stable, Fast and Consistent Communication
  • Customizable Visitor Entry Forms
  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard
  • Sync with Access Control Systems
  • Alarms and Events Email Notifications
  • System Log Monitoring System
  • Standard, Advanced, and Highly Secure Options
  • ZKTeco offers numerous entrance control solutions to help protect & safeguard our parents’ & teachers’ most precious resource – their children.