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School Safety today requires Multi-layered Security Solutions

The need for heightened school security has become stunningly clear in recent years. Once an inconceivable thought, that innocent children could be victimized so unthinkably, active school shootings and massacres have become a tragic reality we see often in the news. As a result, school districts and their security decision-makers are scrambling to put more protective measures in place to better secure their schools and safeguard their students and faculty.

Thanks to marked advances in technology, thankfully there are now many new security precautions and systems that schools can adopt to create an even safer environment for their students and faculty. In a new age where our country’s classrooms have been targeted by evil psychopaths, there’s absolutely no security enhancement that’s too “over the top” for our schools.

The security industry has played a pivotal role in responding to the urgent call for better protective measures in our schools spanning from K-12 to our universities. With that, there’s now an unprecedented demand for security dealers and integrators to step up to the plate to serve the needs of this exponentially growing market.

ZKTeco recognizes this acute need and offers advanced hybrid-biometric security solutions designed for safeguarding schools, their students, faculty, and visitors. We’ve put in place a “multi-layered” approach to school security that encompasses visitor management technologies, facial recognition, walk-through metal detectors, turnstiles, and door access control solutions. These products can operate either stand-alone or can be integrated into a highly-secure nearly impenetrable multi-layered security umbrella.

Our visitor management solutions require that before a school can discharge a student, the student’s arriving parent or guardian must first prove their identity by displaying their secret QR code sent to their smartphone by school personnel.

Our facial recognition offerings allow school security personnel to account for all previously-enrolled authorized visitors who’ve entered the school, as well, alerting security when black-listed individuals are recognized. Utilizing face recognition technology is the fastest most secure way to safely monitor a school’s many access points.

Our metal detection solutions stop concealed dangerous metal objects before they enter the school. Metal detectors also act as an excellent deterrence which discourages psychopaths from even thinking about attempting to enter the school and sneaking in concealed knives & guns.

ZKTeco’s turnstiles and access controllers for gates, doors and elevators provide added assurance that schools’ many access points remain locked until metal detector alarms are cleared. This adds yet another layer of security to school and college campus locations.

In our September blog posts, we will take an in-depth look at the various solutions that ZKTeco offers to help empower our dealer and integrator customers to well serve the growing market demand for enhanced school security and, ultimately, help in solving these unthinkable risks to our nation’s schoolchildren.