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Visitor Management for High-End Residential Access Installs

Throughout our August blog series, we’ve addressed the key components of high-end residential access control projects.

Topics have included:

Perimeter and gate security, which is where long-range readers such as our model LR-UHF-12 provide users convenient “card-less” authentication for door and vehicular gate access. With LR-UHF-12 the gate will open automatically once a vehicle is within 40 feet range. No need to stop your vehicle to remove your access card/fob from your wallet, no need to punch a PIN code, no need for an intercom for frequent visitors asking the host’s permission to open the gate.

Smart door locks, such as our ML10-ID Fingerprint and RFID card Door Locks, which eliminate the worry of accidental lockout or parents’ latchkey kids sharing metal keys with friends.

High-end biometric access control that includes readers like our inPulse + multi-biometric finger-vein and fingerprint reader, ProBio multi-biometric face and fingerprint reader and a variety of indoor & outdoor fingerprint readers.

In this blog post, we explore the features and benefits of visitor management.
After all, if your customers are going to put high-end access control measures in place, they’ll surely want a way of validating visitors’ identities and tracking their whereabouts once they’ve entered your premise.

Old-school visitor management systems (VMS) allow the visitor to present any identification they carry on them (i.e. drivers license, student ID, etc) to the security guard upon their arrival visit. But how can the security guard trust visitors previously unknown to them? Conversely, the ZKTeco VMS requires visitors to first show the security guard a QR code that is e-mailed to the visitor’s smartphone prior to the visit. The QR code contains all the information pertaining to the visit, including the visitor’s contact information. The ZKTeco VMS also eliminates old school paper logs and gets visitors processed quickly so they won’t be discouraged from visiting again.

Whether installed in a luxury home or commercial office building, the ZKTeco VMS ensures both security & safety for residents/tenants, while also providing a streamlined hassle-free registration process for visitors who are sure to happily return for repeat visits.

Pulling it all together is our ZKBioSecurity management platform. ZKBioSecurity supports our Pro Series of panels and readers. It features four integrated modules spanning Access Control, Video Integration, Elevator Control and Visitor Management.

If you’re looking to segue to the high-end residential market but could use some technical guidance transitioning to this lucrative market, ZKTeco has a support system you can count on. Our deep knowledge of sophisticated access control applications coupled with our innovative and extensive product portfolio can help you meet any technical and business requirement and help make migrating to the high-end residential market both simple and profitable.