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Leveraging the benefits of Gate Security

Installing a comprehensive access control system for a high-end residential customer is, expectedly, an elaborate undertaking. As outlined in our August eNewsletter, ZKTeco’s technology solutions can enhance every aspect of your high-end residential installs spanning Gate Security, Smart Door Locks, Biometric Access Systems, Video Management Systems and Elevator Controls. In this blog post, we take a closer look at perimeter protection – specifically, security gates.

At the risk of stating the obvious, gate security serves as the very first layer of protection for a home and its occupants. It sends a message loud and clear to potential intruders and/or burglars: If there’s a security gate in place, odds are also very likely that there’s a home security system waiting for them at the door, as well. Most would-be perpetrators pass on those kinds of challenges and opt for an easier mark.

While a security gate serves its primary purpose – which is blocking physical access to intruders so as to protect people and property – it also delivers a great return on investment for homeowners in other ways, as well. For starters, they usually “pretty up” a place while enhancing privacy– making the property look nicer and more affluent. This, in turn, can increase the property value – from both an aesthetics and a security standpoint. And, while most high-end residential customers are not all too worried about paying their homeowner’s insurance premiums, having a security gate in place can bring the price of those premiums down. Most users especially love how easy it is to operate their security gate. There’s no need to physically get out of the car – a remote can open the gate for them. And, when powered by a timer, the gate will close a few moments after the authorized vehicle enters.

Gates That Especially Appeal to High-End Homeowners
Equipping a home security gate with a voice communication system or intercom is usually a standard request for a high-end residential customer, as it lets them hear and choose who they will grant access to. Adding a camera system will also allow them to video verify who is actually there requesting entry. Giving your end user’s security gate all the bells and whistles gives them more peace of mind and increases your value in the process.

Gate Control & Convenience from ZKTeco

A popular solution that’s ideally suited for gate entry control is our model ZLR-UHF-12. This outdoor IP66-rated long-range 900 kHz proximity card reader offers a read range of 40 feet and provides quick and convenient RFID authentication for controlled access to security gates. The user doesn’t need to even open their car window or stop before gaining entry, which is a great selling point for high-end residential customers.