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ZKTECO USA: Invested in our Partners’ Success!

Everyone wants a partner who will stand by them, support their efforts and be invested in their success (aka “having skin the game”).

ZKTeco USA understands and embraces this concept. That’s why ZKTeco has invested heavily in developing the necessary sales & technical tools to help keep our partners competitive in this ever-evolving security industry.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the many support tools available to ZKTeco USA partners:


ZKTeco sales and technical training videos are delivered in “plain speak” and designed to increase our partners’ sales and provide simple instruction on how our products work.   Some of the numerous topics we address in our videos include:  Tips to increase your security business, Product line overview, Individual product review, Product set-up instructions, Wiring & assembly instructions, Tradeshow video tours, Experience Center video tour, Review of management software modules, etc.

You can find our video library posted on our website, as well as FAQ’s and Blogs.

Also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel


To complement our comprehensive video library, ZKTeco has published thousands of pages of datasheets, quick start guides and user manuals.  These marketing collaterals are indexed for fast retrieval and available for download when visiting each of our respective product pages on our website.  Be sure to visit the ZKTeco website and place your mouse cursor over “PRODUCTS”.  You’ll notice a drop-down menu appears containing our product line categories including our Pro Series of access control panels & readers, SMB Series of C3 access control panels, SMB Series of inBio access control panels,  SMB Series of stand-alone Wiegand readers, RFID slave readers, Long-range UHF readers, management softwareMobile Apps, Smart biometric door locks, Elevator floor controllers, turnstiles and even walk-through & handheld metal detectors.


In addition to constantly traveling the country providing hands-on certified technical training classes at authorized distributor locations, ZKTeco conveniently provides a free 1-hour technical webinar every Wednesday 2:30pm EST.  Free customized 1-on-1 and group sales & technical webinars are also available. Whether you want to learn how to start/increase your security business, obtain an overview of the ZKTeco product line, or if you have specific interest in a particular product or application, ZKTeco can customize our webinars based on your specific requirements.  To schedule a free webinar, send an e-mail to sales@zktecousa.com



As further testimony to our commitment to our partners’ success, ZKTeco recently created three new, “dealer-centric” staff positions.

Sales Support Engineer Joe Fryd provides pre-sales consultation to our partners and helps recommend the best-suited product(s) to address our partners’ project requirement.  When you need help with a ZKTeco project, be sure to e-mail sales@zktecousa.com.  Either Joe or one of our other sales consultants will gladly assist you.

Customer Satisfaction Representative Jennifer Sparnon focuses on ensuring all ZKTeco partners’ technical support inquiries are responded to and resolved quickly and completely.  In addition to screening and subsequently routing incoming tech support calls to the appropriate support engineer, Jennifer also follows up with our partners to ensure their complete satisfaction.  When in need of ZKTeco support, be sure to e-mail support@zktecousa.com or phone (862-505-2101 opt 3).  Jennifer will enjoy hearing from you.

As Senior Technical Trainer, Delmar Dossantos conducts ZKTeco certified dealer classes at ZKTeco’s authorized distributor locations across the U.S.  Delmar also conducts “train the trainer” classes for anyone wishing to teach access control principals to their respective customers.   If you’re interested in attending a live ZKTeco certified dealer class, be sure to send an e-mail to training@zktecousa.com

Through our many sales & technical support services we make available, ZKTeco is heavily invested in our partners’ success.  Whether you are new to access control or an industry veteran, ZKTeco USA has the necessary price points and technology to help take your business to the next level.  We look forward to helping you on your next security project!