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Technology Partnerships Empower Integrators

Today’s integrators are hungry for advanced, sophisticated physical security solutions which are fully-integrated and scalable, yet also easy to operate and affordable.  As part of its commitment to being an ongoing trusted partner to its customers, ZKTeco proactively forges technology partnerships with other leading vendors in the security industry.  While ZKTeco does provide total end-to-end security solutions, we recognize that many customers have already standardized on a 3rd party security platform.

Therefore, the goal of the ZKTeco integration R&D team is to add further security and functionality to our customers’ existing security platform, while at the same time protecting our customer’s previous investment in technology.  ZKTeco helps customers maximize their ROI.

By selectively choosing strategic technology partners and integrating ZKTeco products with their respective industry-leading solutions, ZKTeco can ensure its customers of having the very best security technology there exists in the industry.

Here are some examples of ZKTeco video & biometric integrations:


ZKTeco is integrated with Hikvision, Dahua and Onvif-compliant camera vendors

Today’s end users need visual evidence when improprieties on their premise are discovered.  This is especially true in big cities where illegal subletting creates a huge opportunity loss in rental income for property managers.  Whether a residential apartment building or a retail store, investigators sifting through hours of video to find evidence of impropriety is extremely time-consuming and not practical.  A better solution is having cameras pointed at doors and recording video only when that door is accessed.  ZKTeco automatically imports video feeds from Hikvision, Dahua and all Onvif compliant camera vendors.  Video integration is a fast easy way to ensure only authorized parties are accessing the doors to your building.


ZKTeco is integrated with Milestone, Arteco, Vicon, Mirasys and more:

Often today end users spend more time managing their VMS than any other security application on their network.  Their time is extremely valuable and they prefer not having to manage multiple navigation windows.  To save end-users’ time, ZKTeco access control event logs are searchable from many of today’s leading VMS systems.  With ZKTeco, there’s no longer the need to close your VMS window and open your access control system to query upon access logs.  Simply search & report upon access logs conveniently from your VMS system.


ZKTeco is integrated with Lenel & AMAG Technology:

ZKTeco provides the fastest, easiest and least expensive way for Lenel & Amag customers to upgrade to biometric security.  Why biometrics?  Because access badges can be lost, stolen or forgotten.  Why ZKTeco biometric readers?  Because only ZKTeco biometric readers can communicate with Lenel’s OnGuard and Amag’s Symmetry access control software without needing expensive middleware software.  Model OP-200 reads fingerprints & proximity cards.  Model OP-400 reads faces & proximity cards.   The OnGuard & Symmetry biometric integration makes enrolling & authenticating users faces or fingerprints a snap.

ZKTeco is integrated with RS2 Technologies & Schneider Electric:

The ZKAccess ZKBioPack middleware software enables the seamless integration of ZKAccess biometric readers with RS2 Technology’s Access It! and Schneider Electric’s Continuum access control software.  ZKBioPack supports all the ZKTeco Pro Series biometric readers including ProCapture (fingerprint reader), ProBio (face & fingerprint reader) and inPulse + (finger-vein & fingerprint reader).

ZKTeco has forged these innovative technology partnerships so they can, in turn, partner with their integrator customers and empower them to offer affordable video and biometric security solutions to their end users.  It’s a truly a WIN/WIN for all ZKTeco customers.