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The Power of a Trusted Partnership

From family relationships to business agreements, a trusted PARTNERSHIP is necessary if you wish to sleep at night and enjoy a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship.

Security partnerships between a client and trusted advisor are no exception!

Google and YouTube are easily accessible technical “tools”.  But relying solely on either is often no different than reading a technical manual starting from its INDEX.  Without having relevant experience or a thorough understanding of the subject matter you’re researching, you risk wasting a lot of time & money acting upon research solely provided by these online tools.  With regards to the client, Google and YouTube are no substitute for a trusted partnership with an experienced security professional who has access to the industry’s leading security vendors.

A One-Stop Solution

ZKTeco USA provides a one-stop solution for security integrators which includes:

  • Comprehensive yet easy to learn product lines
  • Free Sales & technical support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Installer training
  • Easy installations
  • Integration
  • Manufacturing excellence

Comprehensive yet Easy to Learn Product Lines

Equipment selection can be complicated for an integrator; especially if you need to shop multiple manufacturers. A comprehensive, end-to-end access control offering from a single manufacturer enables the installation company’s sales and installation teams to standardize on one manufacturer. This streamlines the sales, installation, and support processes for the integrator.

Imagine, for example, an access control solution which scales from 1 to 8,000 doors. The integrator can then apply the SAME access control hardware & software to virtually any project. Beyond the door, the integrator can provide that same access control solution to lobby, elevators and any other access point.  Turnstiles, walk-through metal detectors and even X-ray inspection devices are also available from ZKTeco.  All these products are scalable, feature-rich and quite easy to sell, install and operate.

ZKTeco USA’s comprehensive access control product line includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advanced Access Control Management Software
  • Biometric & RFID access control panels
  • Biometric & RFID slave readers
  • Long-range UHF readers
  • Variety of Hybrid Biometric stand-alone readers (inc. fingerprint, face, finger-vein, palm-vein)
  • Entrance Control & inspection devices (inc. turnstiles, metal detectors, x-ray inspection scanners)

Free Sales & Technical Support

When a sales team can standardize with a single product portfolio, the sales process is not only easier, but faster. The learning curve is shortened, and the team can focus on one set of unified products and solutions. With 30 local US-based support offices, sales teams can leverage ZKTeco USA’s team to provide basic, advanced, and specialty training.  And for installers, ZKTeco USA’s support team has a deep bench and quick to provide answers to your technical questions when you need them.

Competitive Pricing

ZKTeco has mastered mass-production scalability. By manufacturing & distributing over ½ million devices each month, ZKTeco has tremendously reduced the cost per unit for their products. This translates into significant cost-savings for ZKTeco customers.   Another reason why ZKTeco is the industry price-leader in categories they compete in is because ZKTeco manufactures most everything in their product portfolio.  Unlike our competitors, with ZKTeco there is very little outsourcing and middleman to pay off throughout the manufacturing process.

Installer Training

The best manufacturer-partners know what solutions their integrators need and how to deploy those solutions quickly with minimum downtime to the end-user.  ZKTeco USA offers online, in-classroom, and webinar-based training classes to ensure their integrators have all the installation tips & tools they need.

Easy Installations

With years of international manufacturing experience and feedback from integration partners, ZKTeco USA delivers highly reliable simple to learn security hardware & software. Installation crews can start and finish a project efficiently and profitably.


Not every project is a brand-new installation.  Often customers have existing security systems they wish to continue operating.  As a leading manufacturer with an international footprint, ZKTeco USA understands the complexities of integration.  Our biometric readers are integrated with other leading access control vendors.  And our software is integrated with other leading video camera and VMS vendors.  ZKTeco can integrate with existing installations or completely replace an old legacy system.

Manufacturing Excellence

ZKTeco manufacturing takes place in its 1 million square foot ISO9001 certified factory which outputs more than ½ million units each month.  The products are then distributed and supported throughout the world from our 28 global subsidiaries.  Recently ZKTeco USA has begun manufacturing select models in the USA, as well.  ZKTeco is world-renowned for their unmatched technical innovation, fast product-to-market capabilities, and responsive reliable technical support team.