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Long Range Readers for Vehicle Access Control 

Security professionals often spend a great deal of time & money (rightfully so) focusing on how to safeguard your property and/or employees from dangerous PEOPLE.  But unless you live in the big city, most PEOPLE travel in a VEHICLE when visiting your home or place of business.  Therefore, security really needs to start at your property’s PERIMETER (i.e. gate, fence, etc.) and restrict access of VEHICLES before PEOPLE even arrive knocking at your front door.

Vehicle entrance gates installed in parking lots provide an essential added layer of security.  But without proper planning, the gates can also be very expensive to maintain, especially if you need to hire professional security staff to operate the gate.  Thankfully there exists today a variety of simple to use, affordable, unmanned long-range readers and credentials which makes gate access both SECURE and CONVENIENT.

Application for Mid-Range & Long-Range Readers

Mid-range readers can typically recognize a user’s fob (or card, tag, etc.) from within two feet away. While 2 feet is still a relatively close range, the added distance makes it remarkably more convenient for the vehicle operator to open the gate since the operator no longer needs to completely stop their vehicle, roll down their window and practically press their fob against the reader (or punch in a memorized code). Mid-Range fob readers are also ideal for anyone with a tall truck whose driver-side window doesn’t align comfortably with the gate’s fob reader.  Ever notice a vehicle in front of you with the operator needing to stop, open their door and step out of their vehicle to either operate the gate or pay a toll?  It’s especially a burden during cold & rainy weather.

Long-range readers (i.e. 40 feet, 100 feet, 200 feet) provide even further convenience for both vehicle operators and property managers.  With long-range readers, vehicle operators can roll through the gate entrance without even stopping.  This reduces time, fuel costs, emissions and makes for happier visitors.

Vulnerability Consideration

While long range readers provide the ultimate convenience, security professionals must consider the associated risk of a piggy-back vehicle entry if “open gate times” are not properly accounted for and accordingly programmed into the security system. For instance, how secure is a gate if it remains opened 60 seconds each time an authorized vehicle opens the gate? Conversely, if the gate opens for only 10 seconds, there stands a good chance the gate will crash into the vehicle.  Likewise, if the gate is intended to restrict pedestrian access instead of vehicular access, perhaps it’s best to install sliding gates which can open & close quickly. Parameters including the type of gate, open-times, and WHO (or WHAT) you’re restricting access, all need to be considered during the overall security vulnerability assessment and subsequent design solution for the facility.

Long Range Credential Reader Hardware 

Long-range readers, like ZKTeco’s LR Series, offer authentication ranges up to 200 feet. The range is determined by the reader hardware model and credential-type presented by the vehicle operator. As previously mentioned, mid-range is commonly up to two-feet.

The ZKTeco KR1000E reader fits the mid-range requirement for up to two feet of reader range.  For longer distances, consider the following combinations from ZKTeco:

Desired Range              Recommended Reader              Compatible Credentials

40-foot reader range      ZLR-UHF-12                              ZLR card, TAG 1, or TAG 2

100-foot reader range    FLR-UHF-30                              FLR-2B-Fob or FLR-4B-Fob

200-foot reader range    FLR-UHF-60                              FLR-2B-Fob or FLR-4B-Fob

Integration Compatibility

The ZKTeco LR Series of readers have built-in Wiegand-Out ports that can be connected to most popular access control panels, including the ZKAccess C3 and InBio door controllers.

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