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ZKTeco Expanding Product Offerings

ZKTeco, the leading biometric security and access control solutions provider, is expanding further their already comprehensive product line as the ISC West security expo quickly approaches. New exciting innovations in hybrid-biometric security technology with embedded artificial intelligence, analytics and facial recognition will be unveiled.  Additional new product releases include long-range readers, metal detectors and turnstiles.

ZKTeco will be located at ISC West, Booth 16099, in Las Vegas on April 11-13. ISC West is internationally known as the gathering point for security practitioners where new and updated products are launched.

ZKBioSecurity Management Software

A unified access control software platform can support company activity and back-office requirements, streamlining system management and providing a simplified user interface for the front desk staff. ZKBioSecurity management software supports ZKTeco C3-Pro and InBio-Pro access control panels and a variety of RFID and biometric readers using fingerprint, face, finger-vein and palm-vein recognition technology.

Hybrid-biometric Access Control Panels and Readers

InBio-Pro is a biometric access control panel which uniquely stores & matches fingerprint templates on the panel, itself. It supports up to 20,000 fingerprint templates. inBio-Pro also supports a wide variety of ZKTeco biometric readers and the demands of variable deployment locations. For example, an outdoor-rated weatherproof fingerprint reader (i.e. model ProCapture-WP) can be used at a remote building entrance or garage door, whereas an indoor biometric reader (i.e. ProCapture, ProBio, etc.) can be used on interior office doors, storage rooms, and IT department data centers.  For installations that have 3rd party legacy biometric readers in place, the InBio-Pro platform may be a perfect fit as it often uses the same wiring and connections.

RFID and biometric readers like the KR500H, ProRF-T, ProCapture-T, ProBio-ID, and inPulse+ provide a variety of configurations supporting Personal Identification Number (PIN), RFID and hybrid-biometric capabilities. For example, the inPulse+ reader is configured for facial recognition, finger-vein, fingerprint, RFID card, and PIN, all in a single device. This ensures that the person requesting access is in fact the authorized person and not a fraud who has stolen the authorized person’s RFID card.

Long-range Readers, Metal Detectors, and Turnstiles

UHF readers can be used at distances up to 200-feet, allowing easy passage for verified personnel & vehicles. For example, the FLR-UHF-60 is an outdoor IP65-rated 433MHz long range receiver which provides users convenient long-range authentication for many applications including door access, vehicular gate access, and any application in which the user no longer needs to have their credential held in close range to the reader.

Metal detectors, like the WMD433, detects over 33 over-lapping zones as visitors pass through them at security checkpoints. Simple installation, optional casters for mobility, and dozens of programmable settings make this a perfect fit for lobbies.

The TS-2100 Tripod turnstile also aides in limiting access to secure areas. Turnstiles are often part of a secure lobby environment. They can also be used in perimeter security applications, moving security away from a secure building by deploying a full-height turnstile, such as the FHT2300 full height turnstile series.


ZKBioSecurity management software, combined with the Pro Series RFID and biometric access control readers, metal detectors, and turnstiles provides a comprehensive access control solution. The software is richly featured, and hardware designs are sleek and low profile. ZKTeco’s access control and visitor management solution can accommodate modern architectural design requirements, rugged reader hardware characteristics, and complete access control capabilities within one robust solution.

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ZKTeco, with its U.S. office in Fairfield, New Jersey, is an industry leader in biometric reader solutions, offering the ZKTeco Pro Series of access control panels and readers. ZKTeco is known for their unmatched technical innovation, fast product-to-market capabilities, and responsive and reliable USA-based support team.


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