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ZKTeco Pro Series: A Closer Look at ZKBioSecurity Software

High-speed, reliable credential readers and software enable efficient personnel movement. A unified software platform can support company activity and back-office requirements, streamlining system management and providing a simplified user interface for front desk staff.

Introducing ZKTeco Pro Series

Pro Series is a comprehensive suite of access control biometric hardware and software. The Pro Series hardware offers a variety of indoor and outdoor credential readers. The software, ZKBioSecurity, can handle thousands of doors, tens of thousands of personnel, and integrates to a variety of video management systems for seamless integration to video surveillance operations.

A Closer Look at the Software Capabilities

ZKBioSecurity is compatible with ZKTeco’s C3-Pro and InBio-Pro control panels, and RFID and biometric readers like the KR500H, ProRF-T, ProCapture-T, ProBio-ID, and inPulse+. These are available in a variety of configurations with the full complement supporting Personal Identification Number (PIN), RFID, and biometric capabilities.

ZKTeco’s ZKBioSecurity software platform is an all-in-one front desk and back office access control solution that supports a variety of functional capabilities:

  • Access Control: for up to 8,000 doors and up to 30,000 employees
  • Elevator Control: for multi-level building applications
  • Visitor Management and Badging: for front desk operations
  • 3rd Party Video Surveillance Integration: for capturing events with security cameras
  • License Plate Recognition Gate Control: for parking lot entrance security and convenience

Software suites with this depth of capability are secure and efficient. Front desk staff can quickly verify identities and process visitors with ease while back office management is comprehensive.

Convenience Meets Security

Software platforms that are compatible with biometric credentials can eliminate identification cards, access control cards, and fobs. Biometric credentials cannot be lost by the user and can be a more secure strategy for data storage and protection. When identification cards are required, the secondary use of a biometric feature provides multi-factor authentication. Acceptance has grown beyond high-tech private companies to large organizations and government agencies.


ZKBioSecurity software, combined with the Pro Series RFID and biometric access control readers, provides a complete access control solution. The software is richly featured, and hardware designs are sleek and low profile. ZKTeco’s access control and visitor management solution can accommodate modern architectural design requirements, rugged reader hardware characteristics, and complete access control capabilities within one robust solution.

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ZKTeco, with its U.S. office in Fairfield, New Jersey, is an industry leader in biometric reader solutions, offering the ZKTeco Pro Series of access control panels and readers. ZKTeco is known for their unmatched technical innovation, fast product-to-market capabilities, and responsive and reliable USA-based support teams.

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