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Fairfield, NJ October 2017 – ZKAccess, a leading provider of biometric, RFID and access control solutions, brings to market several metal detector offerings that provide added layers of security to aid in public safety applications.
The magnitude of gunfire that came from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, and the resulting carnage, is just one more sad reminder that we live in dangerous times. Metal detectors can help protect people and places and serve as a deterrent against the unauthorized carrying of weapons, especially in densely populated public venues.

The WMD433 Walk-Through metal detector from ZKAccess features program modes for either 1-zone, 6-zone, 11-zone or 33-zone detection. Alarms located on both sides clearly and precisely indicate where metal is detected. The WMD433 automatically counts people and alarms and readily distinguishes dangerous metal objects from harmless ones, including wristwatch, belts and coins. Equipped with a 5.7-inch LCD screen, it offers infrared remote control and supports TCP/IP communication. The detector is completely safe to operate and walk through, and poses no harm to heart pacemakers, pregnant women, or magnetic storage media. The WMD433 provides secure operation, as only authorized personnel can access the control panel.

Assembly and installation are easy. The WMD433 ships with only two pieces, cables and eight screws, and simple to follow instructions. There’s no need for manual calibration – the unit runs self-diagnostics and re-calibrates with each power-on. Casters for easy mobility, as well as 4-8 hours of battery backup are optional.

“Sadly, we’ve seen all too many times the tragedies that can occur to innocent people in public places,” notes Larry Reed, CEO, ZKAccess. “While preventing these tragic events is not always in our control, added layers of security can help deter the entry of weapons. Metal detectors are one such layer, and can be especially beneficial for hotels, arenas, night clubs, and schools.”

About ZKAccess: ZKAccess is a leading provider of Biometric and RFID access control solutions. Product offerings include Biometric readers (i.e. fingerprint, finger-vein, palm vein, face, iris), RFID readers, long-range Face Recognition Cameras, Elevator/floor access controllers, License Plate Recognition (LPR) Gate Controllers, Turnstiles, Walkthrough Metal Detectors, X-Ray machines and Consumer products including fingerprint-based battery-operated Biometric Door Locks. Its solutions are multi-lingual and localized in over 18 different languages. ZKAccess designs specialized products for specific markets and provides local support to all its customers. Its U.S. facility includes a large experience center and warehouse in Fairfield, NJ. ZKAccess is a division of ZKTeco, a leading global developer of security and time management solutions. ZKAccess is synonymous with technical innovation, quality, speed-to-market and reliability. For more information, please visit https://zktecousa.com/.

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